10 Healthy Foods You Really Should be Eating

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I am on a major health kick as of late and want to put only the best foods into my body. Not only do I want to eat the most nutritious foods I can find, I also want to eat those that taste great and are affordable.

Adding nutrient rich, whole foods to my diet will certainly provide plenty of dividends later in life. As I am now 45+ years of age, I have become very conscious of what I am putting into my body.

If you are like me and want to improve your diet, then here are 10 super foods that I have recently been including in my meals.

10 Super Foods to Add to Your Diet

10 Super Foods to Add to Your Diet

Here are 10 fantastic foods that I have started adding to my diet. They all taste wonderful, are Paleo and Whole30 approved and will rejuvenate your taste buds.

Note – While organic options are probably the best, I have not completely switched to organic only foods due to costs and availability.

#1 Lemons

My new super favorite food choice these days. I recently found out how beneficial lemons are for cleansing our bodies and now I just want to eat them all up! Lemons are also a good source of Vitamin C and contain tons of antioxidants.

If you have been reading my blog lately, then you already know about my challenge to drink a glass of lemon water every morning to jump start my day. I am also experimenting with squeezing lemons over my salad for added flavor.

#2 Kiwi

As a kid growing up, I use to love eating kiwi fruit. As a very picky eater, it was one of the few fruits other than apples and bananas that I would actually eat. Not sure what happened as I transitioned to adulthood, but kiwi seemed to fall off my radar. With my new found love of this fruit, I am hoping my kids will enjoy kiwi as I once did as a child.

Just like lemons, kiwi is packed with Vitamin C. In addition, there is plenty of fiber and potassium found in this wonderfully tasting fruit.

#3 Sauerkraut

Sure it is probably an acquired taste for most people, but I find the taste of sauerkraut to be mouth watering. Unfortunately, it is one of those foods that I eat once a year – New Year’s Day. My family has a tradition of eating sauerkraut for good luck throughout the new year.

Why did sauerkraut make this list? Well, I am learning how eating fermented foods is good for your gut – which basically is the core of good health. Sauerkraut is one of the few fermented foods that I actually enjoy to eat – so why not load up?

#4 Coconut

Truly a food I don’t know how I lived without in my past life? I absolutely love the taste of coconut, but it is something I never really ate a lot of. To be honest, the only time I use to eat it in the past was the sweetened shredded stuff you make candy out of.

Recently, I have started using coconut milk to cook (I have a wonderful chicken curry recipe I am dying to share soon), unsweetened shredded coconut to cook with chicken, and even started using coconut oil to cook with.

Coconut is a healthy fat which our bodies actually need. I can’t believe I grew up thinking all fats were evil – even the good ones.

#5 Sweet Potatoes

I will be honest here, sweet potatoes have been a staple in our household for a while now. My youngest son who is about the pickiest eater I know will actually eat these things. We bake them, cook them in the oven, add them to stews, etc.

Sweet potatoes are nutrient dense and my family just loves them – especially sweet potato fries! Best of all, sweet potatoes are a tastier alternative to the Paleo unfriendly white potato.

#6 Avocado

Avocados Have 1.84 grams of Net CarbsPossibly my #1 favorite food to eat of all time! I remember being told back in the no fat diet craze not to eat avocado’s because they contained too much fat. We all know now that philosophy was a bunch of garbage.

Like coconut, avocado’s contain the healthy fat (omega-3) that doesn’t actually get you fat but instead keeps you lean and mean! Crazy I know!

#7 Walnuts

Since adopting a Paleo lifestyle, I have tended to overindulge in eating nuts. I know that eating too many nuts can be counter productive, but nuts just seemed like the perfect Paleo snack food. As I started my Paleo way of life, I opted mostly for almonds, cashews, pistachios, and macadamia nuts (my favorite when I can afford them).

I never have really eaten a lot of walnuts (except in baked goods) but am learning how good they are for you. Another one of those healthy fat foods like coconut and avocado. I have started sprinkling a few walnuts now on my salads (in moderation of course) as a way to add this nutritious food to my diet.

#8 Garlic

Health Benefits of Eating GarlicAnother food that I usually love to add to my foods but always seem to forget about is garlic.

So absolutely tasty (in my opinion) and good for you … it even keeps the vampires away!

I plan to start adding a little garlic to most of my foods and even sprinkle it in my salads from time to time – yeah I know I am a freak!

#9 Cayenne Pepper

Growing up as a picky eater, my idea of spicy was putting a little dab of ketchup on my hamburger. Now as my taste buds adjust to all the great healthy foods out there, I have started to enjoy eating spicy foods.

Cayenne pepper has plenty of benefits including an added boost to your metabolism. I recently started adding a little cayenne pepper to my morning scrambled eggs and even sprinkled some on my salad the other day.

UPDATE – I no longer am adding cayenne pepper in my diet as it could interfere with my autoimmune protocol.

#10 Cabbage

Sauerkraut already made the list but I wanted to include just regular old cabbage. Cabbage is not only good for you, but it is very affordable. That is a double win in my book, considering my family does not have an unlimited food budget.

What is our favorite way to eat cabbage? We like to cut it up into 1″ slices and baked it in the oven. We add a little olive oil, hot pepper flakes, and some dried onion for a wonderful treat that even all 3 of our kids enjoy!

Eat Whole and Minimally Processed Foods

Whether you decide to add 1 or all 10 of the listed food items above to your diet – the key is to start making healthy choices no matter how small.

Instead of going out and making drastic changes in your lifestyle right away, try and make slow sustainable ones that you will keep.

For example, maybe start your healthy initiative by swapping out white potatoes with sweet potatoes? Or maybe make a commitment to eat cabbage once a week?

There are certainly many more healthy food options available to you that are not listed above.

The 10 foods found in the list are ones that my family and I are starting to incorporate into our diet.

What healthy food options can you add to the list? Do you regularly eat any of the suggested foods listed above?

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