The Ultimate 10,000 Push-Up Challenge for Beginners

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Everybody seems to love a good challenge, especially when it comes to fitness. So as a way to build upper body strength and stay fit … we have put together the Ultimate 10,000 Push-Up Challenge for your enjoyment.

We feel that a challenge like this is a great opportunity to get in shape and stay motivated while you are at it.

Personally, I have always hated doing push-ups … and my lack of upper body strength shows. So by joining a challenge like this, I should have a better shot at building my upper body strength.

And just maybe … I may start feeling a little more comfortable doing more than one or two push-ups at a time.

The push-up challenge that we have built is meant to be flexible and is great for beginners. But that’s not to say more advanced athletes couldn’t follow the challenge as well.

Beginners Guide to the 10,000 Push-Up Challenge

Let’s take a closer look at this latest fitness challenge.

Ultimate 10,000 Push-Up Challenge

Reading the words – 10,000 push-up Challenge can seem a little intimidating to many of us … myself included.

Unless you are a bodybuilder or workout fanatic, most of us hear 10,000 push-ups and want to run and hide.

But unlike some 30-day or monthly challenges, this one is a bit different. This push-up challenge is designed to be completed in 1 full year.

So instead of forcing yourself to do 10,000 push-ups in a month, you have 12 solid months.

That number may still seem a little intimidating I know, but let’s break it down. Completing 10,000 push-ups in 1 year (or 365 days) is the same as –

  • 833 push-ups per month OR
  • 192 push-ups per week OR
  • 27 push-ups per day

Okay … so 27 push-ups per day seems like something maybe we can get handle?

Still not convinced?

So you could cut the number in half and do a 5,000 push-up challenge? That is more like 13 or 14 push-ups per day.

If that doesn’t work for you, then play around with the numbers until you feel comfortable.

Or if 10,000 is too low … aim high and plan for 15,000 push-ups or maybe even 20,000!

The most important thing here is to take some action this year, month, week, or day to make yourself physically better.

These small daily habits will add up over time (say a year). But in order to see results … you must to take action!

Ultimate 10,000 Push-Up Challenge Rules

This wouldn’t be a very good challenge if we didn’t define some rules … although I will admit I like to be flexible with some of these rules.

These rules can be modified to fit within your skill level and schedule.

The most important thing to remember is that it isn’t necessary to follow all of the rules exactly. The only exception to this would be using proper form when doing a push-up. We don’t want crappy push-ups!

Here are the rules for the 10,000 Push-Up Challenge –

  • complete 10,000 push-ups in a single year
  • push-ups need to be completed using good form
  • anyone doing the challenge must push themselves to go further over time
  • any type of push-up is acceptable … and switching up the type of push-up is encouraged
  • track your results
  • take before and after measurements and a photo
  • optional – share your results with others

A few quick things to clarify about these rules.

First … you don’t have to wait and start on January 1st of the upcoming year. We encourage you to start as soon as possible and make that your anniversary date.

Second … feel free to do different types of push-ups based on your skill level and keep things interesting. For example, a beginner may want to start out with knee push-ups. Whereas an experienced individual may want to try diamond or walking push-ups.

Eventually that beginner may even want to switch to those more advanced push-ups.

Next … please push yourself to do better with this challenge over the course of the year. Don’t keep repeating the same routine, with the same type of push-up … over and over and over … every single day.

Mix it up and do more reps one day and fewer the next. Or switch between different types of push-ups on various days to work different muscles.

Another thing we feel is important is to take before and after photos. Don’t worry … you are not required to share it with anyone if that’s not your thing. But it helps you to see your progress.

You could also take before and after measurements of your chest, biceps, etc. And even weighing yourself before and after can be helpful.

We also think it is very important to track your results and share them with others. Find a method for tracking your results and write them down every single day. You want to stay motivated during this challenge and need to track your results.

You can also share these results with your friends and followers on social media (like Twitter). Or maybe share them with close friends and family members?

Hold yourself accountable in some fashion. This will help to motivate and inspire you to make it an entire year.

Finally (and maybe most important) … please do every push-up using proper form. If you don’t know the correct form for a specific type of push-up … do some research and figure it out.

Personally, I think it is so much more important to do a single push-up using proper form … compared to 10 or 20 push-ups where you cheat. Not using proper form promotes laziness and could lead to injuries. Do it the right way and you’ll be much better off by the end of the year.

I envision these rules will be updated throughout the months and years. But for now … it is a set of guidelines that can be followed and modified to fit your specific needs.

My 10,000 Push-Up Challenge

Now that we know the rules, let’s take a look at how I plan to complete the 10,000 Push-Up Challenge.

Personally, I like to have a plan when I set goals … so of course I will try and map out how to complete the challenge.

Normally when I challenge myself like this, I want to break things down into small actionable goals or activities. These small steps will ultimately allow me to reach my goal of 10,000 push-ups in one year!

Your challenge could look something like mine (see below), a modified version, or something completely different. Remember that everyone is different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you.

For now my 10,000 push-up challenge will look something like this …

#1 – Complete 30 Push-Ups a Day

Starting out I plan to complete 30 quality push-ups per day. Since I would need to do around 27 on average over the coarse of 365 days … this builds in a buffer of sorts.

If I were to log 30 good push-ups every day for an entire year, I would finish with a 950+ cushion. This extra will help me get past days that I may be sick, too busy, or just forgot for some reason.

Eventually, I could work up to 40 or 50 push-ups per day. And then alternate to skip a day or two during the week to mix things up a bit.

I think it is very important to be flexible when you are doing a year long challenge like this … especially for all of us busy people out there.

#2 – Start with 3 Sets of 10 Reps

I will begin my challenge by completing 3 sets of 10 push-ups each day.

Remember, I want these exercises to be quality over quantity. So the push-ups all need to be done with proper form. I’m just wasting my time if I rush through them and don’t focus on form.

As I get stronger, I will likely start to increase my reps and decrease my sets.

For example, in month #2 I may decide to start challenging myself to do 2 sets of 15 push-ups. Then maybe in month #3 I could work up to 1 set of 30 push-ups in a row.

Not only do I want to complete 10,000 push-ups in a single year … I also want to push myself to get stronger. Doing 3 sets of 10 push-ups every day for a single year will only get me so far with these gains.

#3 – Mix Up My Push-Ups

Starting out … I plan to do a normal regular old push-up. Well actually, I plan to do 30 regular old push-ups a day.

But after a couple of weeks, I will experiment with other types.

Push-up jacks, oblique knee push-ups, diamond push-ups, or even walking push-ups are all candidates. There are probably a bunch of others I don’t even know about yet … which actually makes this kinda fun.

The plan is to start mixing and matching my push-up sets and types to make this challenge even better.

#4 Track My Results

I don’t know about you … but if I don’t track my results … I won’t make it to 10,000 push-ups in a year.

Heck … I’ll probably loose count somewhere around 100 and have to start over.

My plan is to track my results in a spreadsheet each day. In addition, I will list the type of push-up with the counts that I’m completing each day.

At the end of each month, I will likely write in some comments on my tracking spreadsheet about what is working and what is not. How am I feeling, etc.

Finally, I will likely post my results on a social media platform … probably Twitter to keep myself accountable. I realize this isn’t for everyone, but I think it can certainly help motivate me.

#5 Take Pre and Post Measurements … and Photos

I’m not a fan of taking too many measurements, but I will weigh myself before this challenge begins. And again when I finish.

Obviously my weight over the course of a year will fluctuate as a result of many different factors … some outside of doing 10,000 push-ups.

I will also probably weight myself many times throughout the year and it will have nothing to do with the push-up challenge.

That being said, I still think it is important to track and log for this challenge.

I will also measure my chest before and after. I’m not after any huge number increases, but I think it would be fun to see if there is a difference.

Finally, I will take a before and after selfie photo (shirtless) to help track my progress. At this point, I have no plans to share these photos publicly … they are just for me to track my progress.

What Types of Push-Ups Are Allowed?

Pretty much any type of push-up would be allowed on this challenge.

Of course, we don’t want you doing the easiest push-up you possibly can 10,000 times. Pushing yourself in this challenge only helps you getter stronger, leaner, and just more awesome!

Over time, we plan to add a collection of push-ups you can do in this challenge. This list is by no means complete.

Feel free to give us feedback on other types of push-ups you have tried or are interested in trying.

Here is a list of options so far. And of course … please remember to use proper form!

Standard Push-Up

The standard (or traditional) push-up works a lot of different muscles. These include – chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and the core just to name a few.

In order to do a proper standard push-up, you should start in a high plank position and keep everything tight as you begin to bend your arms. The wrists should be directly under the shoulders, hands flat on the floor about shoulder width apart.

The body should be tight and flat like a plank. As you bend your arms … try and lower yourself about 1″ from the floor before you push yourself back up. Your arms should be at about a 45-degree angle at the bottom of the push-up.

As with any exercise, we suggest doing these push-ups using proper form … and not going to fast. It is best to avoid any bouncing or rocking while completing the push-up.

Wide Grip Push-Up

This is very similar to the standard push-up … except the hands are positioned wider than shoulder width. The wide grip push-up works more of the upper chest compared to the traditional push-up.

All of the steps are the same for this type of push-up. The only exception is where the hands are placed.

One other important thing to remember is not to let the hips or lower back sag to the floor. It is important to remain in a plank position with the body flat.

Push-Up Jacks

Another cool variation of the exercises is the push-up jack.

This push-up really helps work the upper body and builds core strength. It works the back, chest, shoulders, abs, lower back, etc. And it can help raise your heart rate for a bit of cardio benefit.

Push-up jacks start in the same position as the standard version. However, as you lower into the push-up … your legs jump out to a wide position.

Once you push your body back up to the starting plank position … your legs jump back together.

Note – we suggest mastering the standard push-up before trying this advanced version. Remember that we are focused on proper form and doing quality push-ups. So there is no reason to start off by doing push-up jacks without good form because you are not ready for this exercise. Instead … master the easier exercise and work your way up.

Diamond Push-Up

The diamond push-up is an advanced exercise and not recommended to start with.

You begin by placing your hands together in a diamond shape … instead of shoulder width apart like the standard push-up. The hands should be directly under your chest with the forefingers and thumbs of each hand together.

Just like with other versions of push-ups … you keep the rest of your body flat in a plank position and begin by bending your elbows. This is all done with keeping your hands in the same position.

The diamond push-up really targets certain muscle groups … especially the triceps. They are also helpful in working your chest and deltoids and of course … your core.

Walking Push-Up

Just like most of the other exercises, a walking push-up starts in the high plank position with your hands about shoulder width (maybe a little wider) apart.

As you begin to lower your body (by bending your elbows) walk the right hand and right foot about one step to the right. Then as you come up … follow with the left arm and left leg walking one step to the right.

Repeat the next push-up by moving then to the left. Keep alternating between walking left and right during your set.

This type of exercise is good for the chest, arms, shoulders, and core.

Why Should I Do the 10,000 Push-Up Challenge?

I would ask why not?

Honestly, doing 30 push-ups per day (like is suggested) is not really that much. Especially if you have the option to start with a basic knee push-up.

The biggest obstacle to completing the 10,000 push-up challenge is sticking to it and staying motivated. I bet you could easily do 30 push-ups per day in about 10 minutes … 20 at the most.

So there really are no excuses.

Make a plan and take action on it. Give yourself a goal to do ‘X’ number of push-ups per day (we suggest 30 for now).

Map out a time in your day to take action and get your push-up reps in. These daily activities will eventually become a routine and habit.

And if you tell us you don’t have an extra 10 minutes in your day … I find that hard to believe.

Get up in the morning and do a set of 10 push-ups before work. Or during the commercial of your favorite television show.

Do a set of push-ups before you go to bed every night.

Whatever it is that helps you follow through … make it part of your day. The same as waking up and brushing your teeth or making that first hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Ultimately, completely this challenge is up to you.

If you need help, support, or have any questions … please don’t hesitate to ask by using our contact form.

In the meantime, we wish you good luck and we are looking forward to seeing and hearing about your results!

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