How to Know When You Are Eating Quality Foods

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I’ll start by saying this article may get a little on the personal side of health. But I think it is a good topic and one that can play an important role in your health journey. It is a little trick I found out about … that can tell me when I am eating quality foods.

So what is this trick that gets a little too personal?

Well … I can always tell when I am eating healthy by how I poop. Yep, that’s right. Good ole poop can tell me a lot about my diet.

There are certain characteristics about my poop that tell me when I am eating right.

When I fall off the healthy wagon and eat bad … these characteristics go away. In fact, I notice other characteristics show up that are not as good when I start eating bad foods.

It might sound silly or immature, but paying attention to your poop can give you a lot of signs on how you are eating.

And don’t let me forget to mention hydration too. Drinking enough water is another important aid in pooping, along with eating healthy.

Healthy Diet + Proper Hydration = Healthy Poop

So here are the favorable characteristics I notice when I am drinking enough water and eating the right whole foods.

How to Know if You are Eating a Healthy Diet?

How Poop Can Tell Me if I am Eating a Healthy Diet

As I stated earlier … poop can tell me a lot about the quality of foods I am eating.

If I am eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, I normally see positive signals in my poop.

However, when I start eating highly processed foods with tons of sugar and carbs … I get constipated and pooping becomes rather difficult. And in some cases painful.

So how can I tell if I am eating healthy from my poop? I have provided a list of characteristics I notice when I am eating healthy.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and react to foods in their own unique way. These are the things I notice, but you may not have all the same reaction to healthy foods.

#1 – The 3 Wipe Rule

Have you ever counted the number of times you wipe after going poo? Or did you ever pay attention to the difficulty or easiness of actually wiping?

Most of you are probably laughing right now … but next time you have to go … just make a note.

I have a guide that I go by … and it is certain to tell me if I am eating a healthy diet. I like to refer to it as – The 3 Wipe Rule.

If I wipe 3 times or less … then I know the foods I am eating are agreeing with my body. Most of the time, it will only take me 2 wipes and the 3rd is a “just in case” wipe to make sure I got everything. Actually, it is mostly all taken care of on the first wipe and the second one is simply to pick up anything that I didn’t get the first time.

In some cases after following a clean eating program for a while … I will even get the no wipe poop. At this point, I know that I have reached the best possible diet imaginable … although it is somewhat hard to sustain.

On the other hand, when I am eating a bunch of processed foods … I feel as if the whole roll of toilet paper will need to be used! The poop is very sticky and honestly hard to clean up after.

Like I said earlier, everyone is different. But I have found the fewer times I wipe … the healthier my diet.

If you are skeptical about the number of times you wipe – try fixing your diet and start paying attention when you are going potty. You might be very surprised.

#2 – Frequency of Poops per Day

How many times of day do you usually poop?

Well if I am eating properly and drinking enough water, I will always have at least 1 good poop per day. Sometimes I have noticed up to 2 good poops per day if I am eating a bit more fiber. Every once in a while I will have 3 poops per day if I am drinking lemon water or eating extra fruit like dates.

I think the lemon water helps my liver detox all that bad junk out of my system. It never fails that when I start drinking lemon water again … I go to the bathroom a lot more.

On the other hand, when I am eating poorly … I may go two days without going poop. I realize going that long without pooping is not a good thing at all. And when I do end up going … it is not normally a good experience.

Having one or two good bowel movements a day (with minimal wipes) tells me I am eating a healthy diet.

Going two days or more without pooping … that tells me I need to change my diet fast.

#3 – Is it Easy to Poop?

In the first characteristic of poop, we discussed how easy it is to wipe … the fewer times I have to wipe (if any) the better.

The same can be said about how easy it is to actually go. Anyone who has ever been constipated certainly knows about this. You could spend an hour in the bathroom trying to go … and still nothing! And you feel bloated and cranky I bet too?

When I am eating a healthy and clean diet … it take me less than 5 minutes (probably more like less than a minute) to poop. This seriously cuts into my free time! But all jokes aside, the healthier my diet, the less time I spend in the bathroom going poop.

On the other hand, when I eat poorly I know it because pooping is hard. And like I said in #2 … it isn’t very frequent. This is a big sign for me that it is time to start eating healthy again.

#4 – What Does My Poop Look Like?

Do you ever take the time to actually look at what your poop looks like? Is it hard and small? Does it float or sink? What color is it?

You may not think it is important … but how your poop looks and it’s characteristics can give you a lot of information about your health.

If you are interested in the different characteristics of your poop, I suggest you check out – What Does It Mean When Your Poop Floats? This article was written by Yuri Elkaim and covers a lot of characteristics of what a healthy poop looks like.

What I can tell you about my own experience … is that when I am eating healthy, my poop is mostly brown in color. Sometimes a little lighter if I am eating a lot of nuts … especially pistachios. It can even be red (which scares me at first) when I eat beets. My pee turns a light pink too when I eat beets.

And normally my poop is in the shape of a banana or a snake when I am eating healthy.

BTW … this is poop shape #4 from the article I referenced earlier. The Bristol Stool Chart (which can be found in that article) does a good job of showing the different shapes of poop. There are actually 7 different types!

When I’m eating bad … the shape could be all over the place. Sometimes it is more like diarrhea if I don’t digest some food properly. Or it could be in small little pellets. It does vary a lot to be honest.

But when the foods I am eating are nutritious and good for me … almost all the time it resembles type #4 … the kind that looks like a banana – LOL!

What Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Health

Look, I get it. Talking about poop can get a little uncomfortable and embarrassing. That is how I feel most of the time.

But I figure if my two boys can talk about pooping and farting and think it is funny … then what is the big deal really?

Plus your poop can really tell you a lot about your health and especially your diet. For example, if you poop every 3rd day … then you need to fix your diet. Going that long between bowel movements is allowing toxins to build up in your body. Most experts agree that pooping once per day is a sign of a healthy digestive system.

The color of your poop can also tell you a lot. If your poop is mostly light to dark brown … then you are probably doing things well with your diet. On the other hand, if most of your poop isn’t a shade of brown consistently … then there may be other health issues.

You probably won’t read about it that much anywhere else … but the amount of times you wipe can tell you a lot about your diet. Personally, if I wipe 3 times or less then I know I am eating good foods. Using a half a roll of toilet paper … not so much.

I am by no means an expert on poop or even health for that matter. If you are concerned with your bowel movements, it is important to speak with your doctor.

But what I can tell you is that paying attention to your poop can help give you information about your health.

Do you pay attention to your poop? Has it given you any clues into your diet or other health related issues?

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