3 Simple Morning Habits for Amazing Results

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I have never met a person who hasn’t wanted to improve their health.  Whether it is for physical appearance, losing weight, or because of health conditions … most people would like to get healthier.

Personally, I have several reasons for wanting to get healthier. For example, I have 3 children who I want to enjoy spending time with. That means things like playing basketball or riding bikes with them … all of which requires me to be active and somewhat healthy.

I also have an autoimmune disease. And while it doesn’t impact my daily life right now … as I grow older I think it may. So adding simple morning healthy habits can go a very long way in helping me cope with my symptoms in the future.

And speaking of growing older … the more I can change my life now with daily healthy habits, the greater impact it will have on my well being 10, 20, and possibly 50 years from now.

There are so many reasons to live a healthy and active lifestyle … and it can all start with adding small daily habits.

Unfortunately, we live in a fast paced society where we expect to see positive results immediately. And when it comes to improving your health … long term sustained results cannot happen over night.

That is where simple daily habits can help.

3 Simple Morning Habits That Can Give You Amazing Results

3 Morning Habits for Amazing Results

One of my goals for this year is to start taking small but effective steps towards improving my health.

There are plenty of healthy activities that already make up my typical week. For instance, I try and do intermittent fasting 3 to 4 days per week. I’ve even been experimenting with doing a 24 hour fast once per week.

I try and workout at least 3 days per week for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes that workout is a 3.5 mile run or other times it is a 20 minute HIIT workout.

When the weather is decent … I try and walk during my lunch hour at work.

Our family does several Whole30 rounds throughout the year. And when we aren’t following the Whole30 program, we usually will eat a mostly paleo diet.

On the surface … it looks like I live a very healthy life. And while I think I do live moderately healthy … there are a ton more ways I can improve.

That is why I decided to add 3 simple morning habits to my daily routine.

Below I will describe my plans for adding the following habits to my morning routine – drink 12 oz. water first thing in the morning, do 30 push-ups each morning, and meditate for 3 to 5 minutes.

Each of these habits will be completed first thing in the morning after I wake up. I fully expect to see amazing results from these small habits when I look back next year.

1. Drink 12 oz. Water

Drinking Water When You Wake Up is a Great HabitAfter waking up in the morning, my first habit will be to drink 12 oz. of water. Well that may be my second habit after using the restroom.

This habit will serve several purposes … most notably hydration. I need to do a better job of drinking more water throughout the day, so why not start off first thing in the morning?

Drinking more water could possibly help with my psoriasis (that autoimmune condition I mentioned earlier). At a minimum I know it will help my body detox and cleanse itself.

Another habit I currently have is drinking a little too much coffee … usually first thing in the morning and a lot of it. Starting off my day with water should help curb that habit a bit. I won’t stop drinking coffee (black only for me), but I should be able to cut back some.

In order to help facilitate this new habit … my plan is to fill a 12 oz. glass of water each night and leave it on the bathroom counter. This will be one of the first visual stimulants I see in the morning. And will remind me to drink my 12 oz. of water.

Drinking 12 oz. of water as soon as I wake up will also help me take a small step towards reaching my larger goal (or habit) of 90 oz. (at least) for the entire day.

I’ve realized I really need to drink more water throughout the day … so I’m making it a priority this year.

The daily goal is to drink half of my body weight (approximately 180 lbs.) in ounces (90 oz.).

Starting my day off first thing with 12 oz. of water will go a long way in hitting my daily goals.

2. 30 Push-Ups

I’ve always hated push-ups my entire life … but have realized the importance of building strength, especially as I get older.

Build Upper Body Strength By Doing Morning Push-UpsAfter I drink my water each morning … my next task will be to complete at least 30 push-ups. This will likely start out as 3 sets of 10 reps but could evolve to much more.

I want to form a new habit that will take 5 minutes or less in the morning to complete … which is why I choose 30 push-ups.

Plus I have a new challenge of hitting 10,000 push-ups per year. That averages out to just over 27 push-ups per day over the course of a year.

So doing at least 30 push-ups as a morning habit will allow me to reach my bigger goal.

As I get stronger from these push-ups, I will try and add more through my day by forming new habits. But for now … I really want to focus on getting 30 push-ups first thing in the morning.

I will try and add different types of push-ups as I progress to prevent boredom.

This will help me to work different parts of my upper body and make things interesting … and to help challenge myself to do better.

My visual cue for these push-ups will be to leave a small hand towel next to my glass of water on the bathroom counter. I can use the towel as a reminder to wipe off any sweat from my head as I do my sets of push-ups.

Starting my day off with 30 push-ups should also give me a boost of energy first thing in the morning … which will reduce my need for coffee.

3. 3 to 5 Minutes of Meditation

So far I have added hydration and improving upper body strength as goals of my new morning habits. Next I want to improve my mind … which I have been neglecting for a long time.

The final morning habit I plan to add is mediation.

Start Your Day with 10 Minutes of MeditationI have wanted to try meditation for several years now but just never seem to make the time. So by adding a new morning habit … there are no more excuses not to do it.

Since I am new to mediation … I will start with 3 to 5 minutes in the beginning and see how it goes.

The trigger to allow mediation to become a habit is to setup a notification on my smartphone every morning after I wake. The notification will be a simple reminder that it is time to mediate and should help me form a recurring habit.

Starting out I plan to use an app on my smartphone to walk me through the process.

Overall, meditating should help reduce stress and allow me to relax before starting my day.

Get Amazing Health Results from 3 New Daily Habits

The 3 new daily habits I plan to start may seem very simple on their own … and in many ways they are.

Each should take less than 5 minutes to complete. I estimate 15-20 minutes combined every morning, at least starting out.

In the past, I have usually spent the first 10 to 15 minutes every morning checking my Twitter feed or reviewing emails. So I am basically replacing those bad habits (in my opinion at least) with these positive habits.

I have another goal of no longer checking emails and social media until between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM in the morning. So these new healthy habits should align nicely with my other goals.

These 3 new healthy morning habits will also force me to add positive evening habits as well. For example, before going to bed every night … I will fill my glass of water up in preparation for the next morning habit.

It will also force me to pack my lunch for work the evening before. Packing my lunch alone can make a huge impact on my health and wallet.

Too Lazy to Pack My Lunch

Speaking of packing my lunch … over the past couple of months, I have fallen into several bad habits. One of which is being too tired (and lazy) to pack my lunch for work.

After waking up in the morning and checking my social media feeds for 20 minutes … I found myself wandering around the internet world.

By the time I realize what I am doing … it is time for me to leave for work. This means there is no time to pack my healthy lunch for work.

It also means I am spending extra money on a much unhealthier lunch … both bad habits in my opinion.

Adding a new nightly habit of packing a healthier lunch will remove the urge to be lazy in the morning.

As you can clearly see … these simple morning habits can actually turn into something much bigger.

Small Habits Can Build Into Something Much Bigger

I strongly believe that adding these small but effective habits (drinking water, push-ups, mediation) can lead to something much bigger.

It is similar to a snowball that starts out small but can grow into something quite large. And over time gain positive momentum.

Each of these new habits on it’s own doesn’t seem that significant. However … combined they can trigger other healthy habits to be formed.

For example, drinking 12 oz. of water first thing in the morning can have a huge impact on my day. Just look at the potential snowball effect –

  • I will drink less coffee
  • Drinking at least 90 oz. of water daily will be more achievable
  • Staying hydrated throughout the day will help detox my body … which is important for treating my psoriasis
  • Staying full by drinking more water will aid in my intermittent fasting … I won’t feel the need to eat as often
  • Hydration will assist with weight loss and keep my body performing at optimal levels

Not only can the benefits grow from these small daily habits … but additional positive habits can be stacked for even more optimization.

Stacking Small Healthy Daily Habits for Even Greater Results

What’s even better than adding healthy morning habits to your daily routine? Stacking them with even more healthy habits overtime.

Let’s say that my morning 30 reps of push-ups becomes an automatic part of my day … just like brushing my teeth every morning.

I don’t have any triggers that tell me to brush my teeth before I leave the house every morning. It is just something I do and is part of my daily routine.

My goal is to have those 30 push-ups become part of my daily routine … just like brushing my teeth.

But what-if I eventually add a set of 10 squats as a new morning habit? Or maybe some plank exercises? I have always wanted to try yoga … so 5 to 10 minutes of yoga exercises could be the next habit I want to form.

Maybe I could add 20 more push-ups and build on those 3 sets of 10?

The possibilities are endless.

This is where that snowball effect really starts to take off.

Long Term Benefits from Daily Habits

I don’t think I will notice much of a change in my body appearance after doing just 30 push-ups. Except for maybe the first couple days when starting out … because my body is sore from beginning a new exercise.

But in the short term … 30 push-ups today isn’t going to make a huge impact. And if I decide not to do push-ups tomorrow … that won’t impact my life all that much either.

However, what about over the course of an entire year? Hitting my goal of 30 push-ups every morning over 365 days will certainly make a big difference in my appearance. And what about those results after 5 or 10 years? I think they could be amazing!

The long term benefits of small daily habits can have a huge impact on your life … and in this case my health.

I should be much stronger after a year of doing 30 push-ups per day. I would also expect to be leaner and look better than I do today.

If you are interested in taking control of your health … I strongly urge you to start adding healthy daily habits to your daily routine … no matter how small.

You could join me in the 10,000 push-up challenge? Just 30 push-ups (actually less) a day can get you there.

Or maybe you could try walking 5 or 10 minutes each morning? Drinking more water throughout your day?

Adding daily habits to your routine is ultimately up to you!  So what are you waiting for?

What small habits have you added to your life that have improved your health?

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